Eggs and Love-ology

(Sorry for the silence, I was out of the country with limited internet for 3 weeks)

This morning Varun decided to make fried eggs. He hadn’t drunk his chai yet and was still sleepy so the process was taking a while. As I watched I noticed a problem with the process: the eggs and oil were in the frying pan but the burner wasn’t lit.

Me: Um…You’re supposed to heat up the pan first.

Varun: Why? It all gets hot anyway.

Me: (Although not actually sure “why”, wanting to be convincing) Because. It’s complicated, you know…chemistry and stuff.

Varun: (singing) Chem-is-try, is a mystery, Bio-lo-gy se lagta hai dur,  Pol-it-ics, Eco-no-mics…!

At first I thought he was writing his own song. And then I watched this video. Love-ology. It’s an Indian music video from the early nineties, need I say more? The translation is basically that he hates/is bad at each subject except loveology. Be sure to watch it through the end, where he seduces a blond girl and a guy.

(After watching the video and eating our eggs)

Varun: So, how did you like your eggs?

Me: Actually, they were quite yum. I liked the consistency. What’s your secret?

Varun: HA! Not turning on the pan. Amelia, buddy, to venture into the unknown you must question everything.

Me: (Groan….)



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