“Marrying Out”

I agree, this phrase sounds like “coming out”. In fact, it’s the phrase used to describe people who marry out of their culture. Like me. And, incidentally, like Varun.

Mad props to my Mom who sent me this link to a recently published Pew Report about “Marrying Out”. The findings basically say that interracial marriages are becoming increasingly popular. (They must have been to Vancouver). I read this and thought, “Ahh, what a relief, we ARE normal!”.

Not so fast.

In reviewing the results, I found that in many ways Varun and I are the outliers, even in this study about outliers. While 40% of female Asians married out, only 20% of males did. Here’s my favorite: Asian men who are born in north America are 4 times more likely to marry out than those born overseas. (Apparently growing up in Asia as a treasured son in a house with servants makes marrying a white girl challenging. Hmm, perhaps Varun could blog about that).

As you can see, Varun and I still don’t fit the mold. But I suppose if you’re going to bother “marrying out” and being different, why not be different from the other people who marry out?

I thought I’d do a little analysis on my own. Since marrying out is on the rise, allow me to illustrate some of the pro’s of this decision.

Advantages of Marrying out:

1. Your food horizons grow exponentially.
2. Higher likelihood of awesome dance music at your wedding.
3. 63% of people reported that they’d be “fine” with it if their family member were going to marry someone of another race. (And who doesn’t want in-laws who are “fine” with you?!)
4. Adorable babies. (I tried googling famous interracial couples to show you their babies, but apparently besides Barack Obama, there are few interracial people who are famous). (I’m sure he was a cute baby though)
5. Love know no bounds. (…What, I had to say it!)
6. Higher likelihood of bilingual children.
7. You can adopt each other’s accents. (No, actually: I answered the phone yesterday and the mother of our Indian Friend J was on the phone. I immediately went into Indian-Daughter-In-Law-Mode, complete with an indianized accent and headbob).

Finally, you could have pictures like this, which my Mom loves. Because I’m getting engaged to my best friend? Well, no, because she finds it funny that he’s dressed like a westerner and I’m dressed like an easterner.


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