A Bona-fide Certified Driver’s License (Well, almost)

The story of Varun’s driver’s license is a bit complicated.

One summer, he returned home to India to visit and decided to get his license. After a week of lessons, his instructor took him to take his test. In typical Indian fashion, four candidates including Varun stood under a mango tree while the instructor drove the car in a circle.

They all “passed”.

As Varun’s license was printed, he was instructed to go next door to make copies of his license. Yes, multiple copies of government issued ID. Why, you ask? Often times when a police officer pulls over a car, he asks the driver for a bribe or he’ll take the driver’s license. This way, if you have lots of copies, you don’t have to give bribes.


Fast-forward 5 years. Varun didn’t actually need to be able to driver while living in Vancouver because student-life and great transit made the non-car life the best option. Yet as time wore on, he quickly realized the use of a BC license. And thus began the long and sometimes harrowing process of obtaining a BC license.

(To be continued)


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