Bhangra Class

“Am I insane”? This is the very question I asked myself as I clicked, “Proceed to Check-out” on our city’s recreation website.

Bhangra? Again?

Allow me to explain. Two years ago, when I moved to BC to be with Varun, we had just gotten engaged. We had also just returned from an incredible trip to India. In my never-ending quest to be a Bollywood star I got my roommate and we signed up for the university’s Bhangra class.

Although the majority of my memories of this class have been repressed, I remember two things:

1. We were two of the three white girls in the class.
2. We had no rhythm and certainly couldn’t “flap like an eagle”.

Why would I submit myself again to semi-public scrutiny and cultural humiliation?

Why does anyone ever do anything absurd? For love. I want our home to be one that is Indian and North American. I want our food, music, friends and conversations to be a blend of our backgrounds. I also want Indian friends. Bhangra class will definitely help me find lovely Indian girls, but I don’t know if they’ll want to be my friend after seeing me dance.

But there’s always pity points.


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  1. The roommate
    Sep 22, 2010 @ 08:48:50

    Um, Miels….

    While we were most definitely terrible (and could not properly “plant the flower and give it to our lover/ flap like an eagle”), there was only one Indian girl, and the rest were white. We sucked compared to the white people, so it wasn’t just cultural, it was a skill-based failure.


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