I’m Not Sure That Color Suits You…

One of the downsides of the gloriously cold and sunny Ontario days is having the heat on all winter. This results in dry skin. Today Varun and I were discussing this and I suggested he put on some moisturizer. Somewhere in the back of my mind I realized he wouldn’t know where it was (next to the bed), but the phone rang and I quickly forgot the conversation.

Later, I saw Varun come out of the bathroom rubbing something in and figured he must have used my facial moisturizer. Oh well. But, when I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth, I burst out laughing.

Let me explain. My complexion is on the pale end of the spectrum; as evidenced by the concealer I use, which is entitled “ivory”. So, naturally, after about 4 months of winter and no sun, strangers wonder if maybe I glow in the dark. So a few winters ago I bought a tube of bronzing moisturizer with soy and other lovely natural things which are meant to give one a sun-kissed glow in the dead of winter. (Not something I expected to share, but here we are). And sometimes I use it. In fact, it was on the bathroom counter because my sun-kissed glow is, well, neither sun-kissed nor glowing and could use a bronzing.

Anyway, so tonight, I walk into the bathroom, grab my toothbrush and see the bronzing moisturizer uncapped, lying very prominently and not where I left it.


To be honest, I’m debating whether I should tell Varun. It would be quite funny to watch him grow gradually to be more and more tan. But I could never do that! I’m his wife: I’d look even paler!!


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