A Fly On Our Wall

If you were a fly on our wall, this is what you would have heard this week….

(Listening to Christmas music, the song mentioned mistletoe)
Varun: What about toes?
Amelia: Mistletoe. Do you know what that is?
Varun: Toes? No. What?
Amelia: Um, it’s like this plant you hang up at parties at Christmastime and if you stand under it you have to kiss.
Varun: (Confused silence as he contemplates the idea of kissing strangers at a party): So, what does a plant on the ceiling have to do with kissing?
Amelia: Umm…

(After returning from the store to “just grab a turkey”, I came home laden with cranberries, a baster, a roasting pan, meat thermometer….)
Varun: This pan is huge. Is it just for the turkey?
Amelia: Well…yeah.
Varun: So you bought a new pan for one meal?
Amelia: Ehhh…Essentially. I could also make meat and potatoes in it. And we’ll have turkey EVERY year!
Varun: Americans think of everything. A new pan for one meal, haha.
(I didn’t even bother to explain the baster….)

Amelia: And Jo is bringing her friend Vinny, and your sister and my brothers will be there….My parents are going to have a full house for thanksgiving!
Varun: (singing (not the theme song)): Winnie the pooh. Winnie the pooh.
Amelia: Winnie the Pooh? Where did that come from?!
Varun: Winnie. Winny. It’s the same name.
Amelia: HAHA. I mean, oh. Well, actually it’s “VVVVaaaah” Vinny.
Varun: Yeah, WWWWwinny.
(If you read this one with an Indian accent, it makes more sense ;-) )


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