Of Ewoks and Light Sabers

This past fall, I was hanging out with my 4 year old nephew. He told me wanted a light saber for Christmas. I told him that Uncle Varun had never seen Star Wars. This was seriously troubling to my nephew (and my sister). So much so that for Christmas, they sent us the HD digitally remastered boxed set of all 3 original Star Wars movies (Thanks!).

To be honest, as a kid I wasn’t too impressed with Star Wars; my brothers watched it often and it seemed like a giant mess of random aliens (I found out those cute fuzzy bears are called Ewoks) and light-saber duels. But over the course of the past two weekends, Varun and I decided to get our Western Pop Culture on and watch Star Wars.

Any experience not had since childhood is different as an adult. But lemme tell you, watching Star Wars with subtitles and as an adult and with someone from another culture was an incredible experience (I learned that there’s a language called “Ewokese” because the subtitles read, “Speaking Ewokese”). The movies make sense! I actually enjoyed the plot, laughed at the “special effects” and was, admittedly, on the edge of my seat yelling at Luke not to give in to anger.

Varun had heard of Yoda, knew the theme song and that was it. I loved seeing his shock that (*spoiler alert*) Vader is Luke’s father, as well as his indignation that Yoda was a little “puppet, not a warrior!”.

My favorite comment was, “Who is that guy (re: R2D2), all he does is beep! And that guy (Re: Chewbaca) he just roars all the time!” Of course, by the Return of the Jedi, even Varun felt affection toward those two.

We sat down last night to watch the Empire Strikes Back and go to bed early. We couldn’t stop though–at the end, we were dying to know what had happened to the captured Han and when Vader would strike again! So we popped in the last one and lost a lot of sleep. All in all, it was hilarious and eye-opening.


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