Chak De India!

I’m not gonna lie: I’m a total band wagon jumper when it comes to sports. Or more precisely, sports playoffs. I can go for years without thinking about or watching a sport, but when there’s a World Cup/Super Bowl or a team playing from the city/state/province/country that I happen to be in, I’m a Fan. (I think Fan with a capital F means I’m aware of the game and at least present where it’s being shown. A FAN would be someone with a jersey, face paint or someone who knows at least 2 players names).

Anyway. So before I met Varun, I think I vaguely knew cricket was a sport. Post Meeting Varun, I began to see it on TV at times and we brought a cricket bat home from India and “taught” my brothers to play. Which is another story for another day. But this month, the Cricket World Cup is on and Varun has been waking up at odd hours (4:30 am) to stream matches and yell at the computer in Hinglish. Naturally, my interest has been mildly piqued.

An aside. If you’ve never watched/played/slept through cricket before, let me clarify something: watching this game is a serious time investment. To illustrate. A few weeks ago we slept over at our Indian friend’s (Y) house so the guys could wake up at 5 and watch the match. Y’s fiancee, who is a lovely white girl like me, was working a night shift and texted Y at 7:30 saying, “How was the match?”. The guys erupted in laughter: in 90 minutes 1/4 of the game had not yet finished!

Cricket is a 6+ hour affair, so get comfortable.

This morning was the semi-finals and it was India V. Pakistan. This is something akin to the America-Canada Men’s Olympic Hockey game. If the USA cared about Hockey. And Canada, for that matter. I digress.

Varun woke up early and got his cricket on. By the semi-finals, my bandwagon impulses were going so I woke up and did schoolwork and made chai while observing Varun’s cheers.

The excitement is, of course, contagious. So, in a moment of near-patriotism (if one can feel patriotic toward a country one was neither born in nor lived in), I made an all-out Indian breakfast. Lucknowi omelets, parantha and chai. By the time Varun left for work at 9, India had finished their turn and it was “half-time”. The remainder of the morning was spent texting the score back and forth until finally, around 1 pm, India won! I gotta admit, I’m kind of excited. For upcoming game, and the delicious breakfast we’ll enjoy Saturday morning before the sun rises!


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  1. Lalitha Ravindran
    Mar 30, 2011 @ 22:40:17

    Cricket is one colonial sport that the Indian sub-continent has adopted as their own and HOW!! In recent times I have had only pherifiral interest in the game but this match was difficult to ignore given the mania all around me! I too had my own special happy mean and partied with myself. The roads were choc a bloc with revelers as if we had lifted the World Cup.
    Wish you a great party on Saturday too


  2. Jess
    Mar 30, 2011 @ 23:51:47

    Just wait for the IPL, its way better, there are SOOO many games (and the games are way shorter) meaning way more exciting :P Mumbai Indians baby!!!


  3. Team Oyeniyi
    Apr 02, 2011 @ 01:01:48

    No, no, no – he has been lying to you! REAL cricket is a 5 day affair! Test cricket is the real stuff. Varun is watching 1 day cricket. Fun, but not the REAL stuff. Hehehe – ask him!

    Being an Australian, I am rather into cricket. We have a Boxing Day Test Match – not because it lasts a day, but because it starts on Boxing Day, being the day after Christmas Day.


    • Amelia
      Apr 02, 2011 @ 08:28:24

      Yes he’s mentioned those to me….but I’m afraid we’d have to quit our jobs and live in a trailer if we started watching 5 day matches!!! Hope you’re enjoying the world cup today!!!


      • Team Oyeniyi
        Apr 02, 2011 @ 08:45:30

        Sadly, I got sidetracked with:
        Implementing a new database
        Having a celebratory drink with my daughter
        Publishing an erotic story
        Recovering from the shock of actually doing the above

        Cricket was not on my radar today! But I will check progress later!


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