Indian Cinema and Dumplings

I’m no longer surprised when Varun breaks into random song and dance. Especially when it is a popular song with words replaced to make it appropriate to our situation, such as each friday he sings “Friday” and inserts our plans for the evening. But the other night, when he started singing in a girly voice, “Mera naam Chin Chin Choo” as we sat down to eat chinese food, I looked up in shock (This means, My name is Chin Chin Choo).

Me: HAHA! Um…What?
Varun: (singing) Mera naam Chin Chin Choo!
Me: Is this because we’re eating dumplings?
Varun: It’s a real song. Actually, now that I think about it, it seems racist. Hmm…I wonder if it’s on youtube. [looks it up and finds it]. Here it is, look!

This is what happens when you combine Indian cinema, big band music and oriental flair…See if you can watch this without laughing. We can’t.


One of the downsides about living in a city and country that neither of our families live in is that we don’t get to spend a lot of time with family. Yesterday, however, my awesome parents and brother woke up at 5 am, drove to Ontario had lunch/dessert/dinner/dessert/tea/dessert/breakfast/dessert with us and drove back home in time for Sunday evening Mass. Epic.

Because this was the First Visit of Parents to Newlyweds, we were intent on cleaning our house. While I cleaned the bathroom, I asked Varun to sweep/vacuum. Much to my surprise, he moved the furniture, swept, cleaned the broom, swept again, cleaned the broom again, took out the trash now filled with floor dust, cleaned the vacuum cleaner, vacuumed, swept again and cleaned the trashcan lid. All part of “vacuuming”. Seriously, this man is thorough.

We finished just moments before my parents arrived and welcomed them with the gourmet fixings of a mid-20’s couple: frozen pizza. We then took them down for a walk along Lake Ontario.

I love this pic because they're so genuinely happy!

Varun and Dad talked about Engineering and business while Mom, Luke and I caught up on life, speculated about passerby’s and planned Luke’s trip to India with Varun and I this summer.

Back at home we introduced my parents to Bhel Puri, which is a snack consisting of raw onions, raw tomatoes, chutney, crispy crackers and loads of spices. My mother had tears running down her cheeks from the spices!!! The best part of the evening was the butter chicken, which I think I have now perfected. It was creamy, not too spicy and a huge hit! (The recipe is here) (As I read that, I shudder. How can I, a white girl who grew up on pasta, meat and potatoes write such a statement? Indians of the world, forgive me. It’s decent. Not perfect)

At one point, my parents pulled out cannoli shells and filling, a staple in my Italian family. I was beyond excited. Varun grabbed a spoon and put a dollop on the shell. We all looked confused. Of course, everyone began giving him instructions about how to fill a cannoli, at which point he broke it. We then helped him fill one and got him to taste it. His response? “Whooa. This is too sweet for my soul”. I promptly polished off the remains.

The night ended with multiple rounds of Monopoly Deal in which Mom and Luke pretended to be confused and both won. My Mom drank about 1 litre of Varun’s chai and claims that she can, “Never drink store-bought chai again”. So, if engineering and counseling don’t work out, I think Varun and I will be opening a butter chicken and chai shop.

Cricket World Cup Champions!

It’s not everyday that I wake up at 4:21 a.m. to watch sports games. In fact, last saturday was a first. As I mentioned when India beat Pakistan last week in cricket, I’m a bit of a band wagon jumper when it comes to sports competitions. But at 4:21 am on saturday, I was more like a reluctant and coffee-less band wagon straggler.

Varun and our Indian friend J and I went to watch the final cricket match at an Indian family’s house who has basically adopted us. There, the guys bounded downstairs to watch the match and I fell asleep. I was quickly woken up, however, by cheering and enthusiastic shouts.

Thankfully, Dosa’s were prepared for breakfast, along with coffee, and the sun began to rise. As the game dragged on (errr…sped by), I napped on the couch next to Varun, got into debates, watched the game and attempted to do schoolwork. (A dosa is a fried pancake wrapped around something spicy and delicious. They’re fantastic)

It was an intense game. Especially the last 2 hours (I don’t think you can say that about any games except Risk and Cricket). India matched Sri Lanka point for point, India’s best player got out early in the game and right up until the end we were in serious suspense.

But much to our joy, India won!

I learned a lot about cricket on saturday. I learned that it’s a “two-meal sport”, and that you should never, never tell an Indian that cricket “doesn’t require much physical skill”.

I have to say, waking up before the sun was totally worth it to see India win the Cricket World Cup for the first time since 1983! Fireworks started immediately and we received texts and phone calls from Indian loved ones. I wish we had been there to celebrate!!!

Text received from Varun's Mom promptly after India won



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