Fun With My Irish Italian Indian Family

I have a fantastic and hilarious family.

This past week, I’ve been eating lots of delicious food and having boisterous and entertaining conversations at my parent’s house.

My mom loves to go shopping at the local farmer’s market for spices, meat and local vegetables. At nearly every stall she stopped to chat with the proprietor, inquire about their kids or job and introduce me as “The daughter that lives in Canada” (as opposed to the more tan daughter who lives in Hawaii). Inevitably, brows were raised and questions like, “Why Canada?” and “Are you studying there?” and my favorite, “Canada? My niece/daughter/cousin lives in Alberta/Vancouver/etc”. Other than being the local foreigner, I loved the hometown feel, chill atmosphere and freshly baked soft pretzels we enjoyed as we shopped for dinner.

Speaking of dinner. Someone must have read this blog and heard about my biryani, as I was requested to make it for the family. Intimidated by the idea of cooking Indian food for a family who considers “mild” too spicy, I went very easy on the spices. They loved it. I was a bit nervous however, when Vasudha asked to taste the leftovers. Her spice tolerance is off the charts. What would she think of my Americanized biryani?! Much to my relief, she laughed off my apologizes that it was too bland and said it was “flavorful”. (We’ve got to build up this family’s spice tolerance).

One of the benefits of having family on the east coast, is proximity. To celebrate birthdays and labo(u)r day, Vasudha, my brother and my friend J have joined the chaos. J reminded me of the following story. J used to be a kayak tour guide in Washington State and was taking a family from my parent’s town on a tour. Having spent many holidays at my parent’s house, she was ecstatic to meet people from the same area and inquired whether or not they knew my family. They replied, “No…but there are a a lot of (Irish Last name)’s in that area…it’s a very ethnic area.” Her response: “Errhmm…are the Irish considered ‘ethnic’?”

When she told me this, I couldn’t stop laughing. I wonder what they would think of the rowdy Italian half of our family and of the addition of my dear Indian, Varun.

Well, it’s time for more quality time, birthday cake and absurd debates before Varun and I trek back to Ontario.

Hope you’re having a fantastic Labo(u)r Day weekend!

Homemade Sangria!


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