Apple Crisp

Autumn. Cool breezes, old sweaters and steaming mugs of apple cider. I love fall!

And I LOVE the baking possibilities that it brings.

Apple Crisp is an autumn favorite in our house. It’s easy to throw together and is fantastic with vanilla ice cream. This recipe, like many others, is courtesy of my Mom, the Mistress of Baking.


2 sticks of butter, cut into small pieces*

2.5 cups of flour

2 tsp.  cinnamon

1/8 tsp. cardamom

1.5 cup dark brown sugar

2/3 cup white sugar


1. Crumble flour, butter, sugar and spices together with pastry cutter, until it looks like homogenous crumbs.

2. Peel and cut 8 apples and put into lightly buttered 9×13 pan.

3. Top evenly with crumbs and bake at  375 for approximately. 30mins.  Remove when apples are bubbling, crumbs are deep golden brown and apples test soft when pierced with tester or knife. Allow to cool slightly and enjoy!

*I’m looking for a way to make this more healthy. Any ideas about how to use less/substitute butter?


In Pictures: the Move

Pictures of our apartment might be a few days in coming as it’s currently an epic mess of boxes, piles of stuff and oddly placed furniture. Here are some highlights of our move.

Creative Packing

Tower of Boxes

Varun carefully wrapping all of our plates and bowls

Varun's creative box lid and labelling

12th hour of continuous packing and I'm wiping the walls to avoid a fine.

The first sunset from our new apartment!

To all of my Indian buddies, Happy Diwali!

The Move

This past weekend, Varun and I were amazed and overwhelmed by the love shown to us by friends in helping us move.

I took pictures and am excited to post them, but I forgot my camera at home and don’t yet have home internet: so you’ll have to wait until I visit the cafe with internet again tomorrow.

By the Numbers:

Man-hours worked on Moving Day: 64

Friends who helped: 11!

Caffeinated beverages I consumed in 24 hours: 6

Neighbors we’ve met already: 5!!

Walls that were painted stunning colors while we unloaded: 3

Times I got lost in the city of one-way streets: 1

Dents in the UHaul I drove: 0

Moving day was actually fun–the graciousness of our friends, the ease of the day and the purpose of our move made the entire process incredibly pleasant. I love, LOVE the color of my living room walls (Hint: Varun wanted to paint colors other than my neutral, safe tones…something “more interesting and more Indian”). I can’t wait to unpack and post pictures!

[Special thanks to all of our wonderful friends!]

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