Typos and Typing

How is it that after nearly two years of blogging, I finally added “Varun” to my WordPress dictionary? This, my friends, is a new level of laziness.

Goodbye squiggly red line: “Varun” is now a word.

In other news, in my ongoing attempt to act like an 8 year old boy, I seriously scrapped up my palms this weekend while jumping over a curb. After unsuccessfully ignoring the pain and inflammation and having my beloved Varun pour hydrogen peroxide on my open wounds, we went to the ER. There, a lovely Doctor cheerfully pulled out the gravel. This was all done, of course, without an anesthetic so I could “feel” the foreign bodies and guide her needle and tweezers.

Dr: Wow, you’re being very brave. I know this hurts a lot.

Me: Oh, thanks. I’m practicing to not have an epidural when I give birth so I’m learning to bear pain.

Dr: So, are you comparing this to labour?

Me: (I know she has multiple kids. This is dangerous ground) Um. Nope. No, not at all.


Anyway. It looks much more dramatic than it is.

I have matching gauze wraps on both hands. Most people have thought that they’re hobo mittens; apparently, I’m so stylish I can pull of bandages as mittens. Or, people have very low expectations for my outfits.

My typing is a bit haphazard and mildly painful. So here I shall leave you.

Happy Monday!



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Karen
    Feb 28, 2012 @ 08:58:12

    Woman, why were you jumping over a curb!?!?! Hope it’s less painful today


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