The True North Strong and Free

When people realize that neither Varun nor I are Canadian and that we have no family in the entire country, they ask, “Why do you live here?!”. In the USA, we’re typically met with a similar sentiment, “Canada, EH?! When are you moving back to America?”.

Varun and I at the Peace Arch, between B.C. and Washington

There are many varied answers to those questions, some simple, some a bit more complex. We live in Canada because we both made the decision to go to University here, because a greencard is hard to get, because Varun got a job here. We live here because we have amazing friends and community here, we understand the healthcare and tax system and the economy is stable. We live here because we love the diversity and acceptance, we love the understated culture and we love poutine. In a lot of ways, we live here by chance.

I wasn't kidding. We love poutine.

When I saw this video narrated by Tom Brokaw, I’ll be honest: I choked up. Through stunning pictures and interesting factoids, he details Canada and America’s unique relationship. I’ll be the first to say these two countries are not the same: culturally, economically, governement-ally….but there is something unique and awesome about our open friendship.

Watch this video and learn lots of crazy facts about Canada’s oil output, their involvement in WWII and the coldest day of the year!

Canada Video

Our Beloved British Columbia



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  2. Sharon
    Mar 17, 2012 @ 23:38:11

    I have to say, as an ex-Quebec resident, you should be appalled at the state of your poutine. Where are the cheese curds!? :p I’ll have to mail you some, haha!


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