More Little Things

It’s been a few weeks since I posted about the small things that made me smile. This week I was crazy busy writing papers and foolishly, starting the Hunger Games when I actually needed to get things done.

The Little Things That Made My Week:

-The sunshine and warm weather this week was amazing: fresh breezes, bare feet and skirts. I loved the day the high temperature was warmer in Hamilton than where my sister lives (the tropics) and where my parents live (8 hours south).

-I began putting whole cardamom pods in jasmine or green tea. I will never go back to the old ways.

-The Hunger Games. I loved reading it. Although I’ll be honest, one part gave me nightmares.  I found it stressful to listen to, albeit quite enjoyable. Also, I had a very difficult time being productive…

-Chai tea. Every milky, steamy cup Varun makes is a sweet and spicy treat.

-A friend gave me a whole bottle of homemade maple syrup. This is no “little thing”: this is pure, golden awesomeness in a bottle.

What about you?!


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  1. Team Oyeniyi
    Apr 08, 2012 @ 04:26:45

    Given I am SO FAR BEHIND, I can’t remember, but something probably did! LOL I do like my chai tea!


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