You Know What’s Delicious?

This is.

I call it Bunny Mix. Because I’m 4. Because when I first saw it it was made with Easter M&M’s and covered in white chocolate. Easter colours…white chocolate…Bunny. And it’s a Mix.

Anyway, if you have any surviving Easter candy, or simply need a way to ingest a lot of calories in one go, I highly recommend making some Bunny Mix. It’s fun to bring to a party or to the office, it’s simple to make, and goes a long way. I got this recipe from my Aunt and Uncle in Cleveland, Ohio: muchos gracias!


-1 bag of microwave popcorn
-1/2 bag of broken pretzels (break each pretzel into thirds)
-big bag of M&Ms – any flavor
-bag of white chocolate*


1. Pop the pocorn. Pour into a bowl and remove unpopped kernels.

2. Add M&M’s and pretzels.

3. Melt a bag of white chocolate. The trick to melting this is to use a double boiler, but if you don’t have one, here’s what to do:
Put an inch or so of water in a large pot that you would steam vegetables in, but instead of putting broccoli on the steamer part of the pot, place a smaller pan with the wafers in it**.  The idea is that the heat from the boiling water rises and melts the chocolate. Keep stirring until it’s all melted, then pour over mixture in large mixing bowl.

4. Gently mix and try to coat all the popcorn, pretzels and M&Ms; don’t over mix!

5. Spread the mixture onto a wax paper coated cookie sheet, then cool in the fridge.  Once cool, an hour or so later, break the mixture into smaller pieces and enjoy!


* The recipe actually calls for “white candy wafers”, but I used white chocolate. This recipe was a bit of a heart-breaker, as we’re trying to buy only Fair Trade chocolate. The white chocolate was, but the M&M’s were not. But they were a gift, so we just accepted and enjoyed them.

**I love that the instructions include putting candy where broccoli usually goes. Clearly, this sweets-issue runs in the family.


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