In Sepia

Erratic blogging, unswept floors and a fridge full of dodgy looking produce. These images plague me as I try to regain traction and jump back into “normal” life. And yet there’s another set of images that gives me courage in days of long to-do lists and brings a soft smile to my face when the sadness pulls at my heart. It’s the pictures I snapped with my Mom’s iPhone during my trip to my parents house to say Goodbye to Grandma:


two sibs spent the night curled up on the window seat in the hospital

laying Grandma’s body to rest next to her husband’s and daughter’s

“Biscotti is good food. Italians are healthy people” This explains my food ethos


champagne toast at the grave per Grandma’s request. A beautiful goodbye

my sibs and I after the funeral

pretty new shoes


chai latte and a book I’ve wanted, given in the grace of a moment by a lovely friend

the glory of Spring

an Italian feast in the hospital room, our last dinner with Grandma

As I put this collage together, I kept realizing how incredibly blessed I am. Blessed with a loving and supportive husband who has held me when it’s gotten too much, and laughed with me in the in between times. Blessed with siblings who live thousands of miles away, but when we come back together we simply pick up where we last left off. Blessed with gracious, generous and loving parents. Blessed to have said goodbye to Grandma with laughter and tears, watching Youtube videos and being family in her hospital room. Blessed to have prayed and sung her into the presence of God.

So, so blessed.


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