Adoption and Kidgets Link Up

Do you ever have so many awesome tabs open that you won’t restart your computer? Yeah. It’s getting that bad. So, instead of hoarding the awesomeness, I’m doing my first ever link-up post.

If you’ve been reading this blog for long, you’ll know that adoption is on our hearts, big time. I’m sure it’s against all kinds of Blog O Sphere rules to talk about the fact that we’re talking about kids. But it’s not a secret. So, the theme for this link-up is…adoption/childhood/etc. [C’mon, you knew with a title like “ESL Marriage” that ESL Babies were going to happen eventually] {A note to my Older Sister: this is just me thinking aloud. It is NOT an announcement, or even a pre-announcement. So no bets won}

The Adoption Journey: Jonathan Acuff (Stuff Christians Like) wrote a short post about adoption and linked to some helpful resources. I found it encouraging, although most of the organizations he mentions are in the USA.

As Our Own: I found this website through a friend’s blog and am still learning about it. It’s not a program, but a family/community who rescues and raises parentless children. Reminds me that there are many ways to address the orphan crisis and encourages me to think outside the box!

The Demise of Guys: The effect of video games and pornography on a generation of males. This is a fascinating and troubling article about the consequences of living in a fantasy-filled world. Guys-read it! Girls, if you have a brother/son/husband/boyfriend/know any males, you might find it interesting.

Mistaken for the Nanny: I love the humour and honesty in this article. While we don’t have mixed children (yet?), I really appreciate the perspective. [This reminds me of a rant I need to write about inappropriate comments/questions. Because the internet needs another rant.]

Where is the Mommy War for the Motherless Child: Fantastic post about fighting for what really matters: not cloth or disposable diapers, but babies without a Mom or Dad.

Wonder Woods: You don’t have to have small kids to enjoy time outdoors! If this post doesn’t make you want to romp in the woods….well, it will.

Speaking of romping, I hope that you’re enjoying the fabulous weather. And happy Memorial Day to all of my American buddies!

Varun and I enjoyed hours and hours at the park this weekend                                                [Dear Blackberry, please improve your photo quality…]


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