Little Things: Late June

Remember when I used to link up with Lindsay at Hello Hue to recount the little things that made my week? Well, we’re back at it!

I know, I know. This is my third “picture blog” post this week. No, I didn’t break my fingers. I promise to write a real post with words and intelligent thoughts soon. But between the sunshine, warm weather and friends…oh…and schoolwork(!), I just can’t bring myself to wax philosophical on my compy. But I’m hoping my new writer’s mug (bottom right) will do the trick…

Little Things:

Top: Trip the (Lake Huron) beach with Varun!

Picnic at the Bayfront with our neighbors

Sunset from our balcony

Middle: Bubbles, soccer/football and cricket at our picnic

Bottom: More picnicking.

More Beach

Homemade iced chai in the newest, coolest mug ever

What about you?! What small things made you smile or brightened your week? What are you thankful for this week?!

Anniversary-Trip Adventure: Mini-Golf

And we’re off…

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