The Question of Royalty

Part of living in a commonwealth country means we all go a little crazy when anything Royal happens. Well, most of us. I’ve been the both critical American arguing over a pint for “home rule”, and the secretly excited girl watching the Royal Wedding at 3 a.m. Overall, I find the role of the monarchy perplexing. Especially it’s role in Canadian society.

Indulging in a little Royal Wedding Skepticism

Upon reading the BBC’s article reporting on the Jubilee Events, I expressed my cynicism to Varun. If it hadn’t been before 8 a.m. (ie before he’s biologically capable of speaking in paragraphs), I’m sure he would have rebuked me properly. In fact, he mentioned something about service and dignity, commonwealth countries and rebellious Americans. Or maybe just a singular rebellious American.

And then, this rebellious American’s sister emailed me this lovely post about Queen Elizabeth II. It made me stop and consider how significant the Queen’s life has been, and how she really has weathered many storms and changes. With dignity. Which is a lot more than…well, pretty much everyone I can think of.

I admit, I’m still not sold on the idea. But Sarah, the author of the post, is right, “Throughout her reign, she has navigated the breakneck speed of progress and change in almost every area of our society, from culture to religion to technology to politics, with calm courage and dignity…Her status as sovereign has not exempted her from the deep sorrows that come upon humans, such as death, loss, grief, despair, even wayward children. She has made room in her life for deep romance and faithful love. She is sharply intelligent, wise, generous, dutiful, and insightful, reputedly in her personal life as well as in her national and international duty.”

So, let’s raise a cuppa to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.


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