Stop Reading This and Go Watch Downton Abbey

Remember when I mentioned that you should probably take up watching Downton Abbey? Well, for those of you who remain unconvinced, here’s a whole post to that same effect.

I first heard of DA from my older sister. Who emailed me about once a week telling me there’s this TV series that I HAVETOSEERIGHTAWAY. You’ll notice, of course, that my family does not have a flair for the melodramatic (HA!). After about two months, I finally broke down and starting watching. I was hooked by the end of the first episode, but I’ll admit: it took me three months to watch two seasons. School, homelife, ministry and an unnecessary amount of baking rendered me a bit short on time. So I only watched DA when I washed dishes or folded laundry. And since we all know I don’t do that much, it took three months. The point is, having just finished DA, my goal is to get hubs into it. So, as I warm up my engines of persuasion, I thought I’d let you in on…

The 5 Reasons you should watch Downton Abbey:

5. It’s British. The acting and the lines are splendid, the accents and airs are unparalleled. I love their jabs at Americans, Europeans, and themselves. And when things get too emotional, I love watching the actors collect themselves. Plus, in the midst of any episode you can indulge in tea and scones and feel totally legit.

4.The Dowager Countess. Dame Maggie Smith will have you laughing. Don’t believe me? Watch her top 10 moments.

3. Period piece. If you like observing the end of an era, seeing the effects of WWI, enjoy cloche hats or anything remotely historical, this is the show for you. It portrays the unraveling of a lifestyle and the burgeoning of a new world.

2. Scenery. The house, the countryside, the hunts, the decor, the costumes. The entire show is a visual delight.

1. Story. There’s about 10 stories and maybe 5 sub-plots that run throughout the series. Many of them are surprising, gripping and heart-wrenching/warming. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself thinking about the characters when you’re driving to work or pulling on your socks. The story is that epic.

And, because I’m beginning to believe that a good meme can prove any point:


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  1. Team Oyeniyi
    Jun 10, 2012 @ 21:37:21

    Sounds like my sort of programme, but like you – too many things to intervene!


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