How Ontario Lulled Me Into Forgetting Winter

Today I was driving through downtown, windows down and country music blasting. I was feeling warm in my sundress with the sun beating on my burned-now-bronzed skin. (Too many years of living in Long Cold Winter Places has made me hate A/C).

Then, something crazy happened. The radio announcer wished us a Happy End Of Summer.


My brain went into panic mode. Could it be? The end of summer? Are we moving into flannel/apple pie/brisk winds/early evenings/6 months of dark?

And then I drove by a spot I remember standing this winter, waiting for a bus. FREEZING.

Could it be? Does it really get cold enough here for Uggs and mittens? Do I actually need two layers of pants or am I a pansy?

Oh, how quickly we forget! A few months of sunshine and BBQ’s and 30 C + weather, and I’ve forgiven Ontario for it’s -10 C ways and days with only 8 hours of sunlight.

This is why we haven’t moved to a warmer climate.

And this is how seasons work. They’re just long enough for you to forget the realities of sweltering heat or bone-numbing cold, and just short enough for you to embrace their fleeting nature and unique joys.

On that note, there is a bowl of raspberries and a pool of sunshine calling my name.


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  1. Jinny
    Aug 20, 2012 @ 22:53:35

    hahahaha, I have to laugh at this post as I am back in the prairies for winter now…where the winter starts in like September and lasts until the end of April…where -10 is an awesomely warm winter’s day. Sigh. I miss southern Ontario. :(


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