We Do Not Hate

Good Morning!

Today’s post is a message and link from my brother Mark. Please read the following and join us in showing love to our Muslim brothers and sisters!

The last eight days have been for all of us a lesson in the power of hate and the power of social media. A spiteful American has sent a message of hate across the internet. In multiple Muslim countries around the world, people have had their very identities denigrated, and they feel hurt. Citizens, governments, and armed groups have incited protests that are damaging to life, property, and long term relationships. Newsweek responded by attributing the problem to “Muslim Rage”. A French magazine is publishing cartoons denigrating Islam and Judaism.

Just as one may have a right to spread hate, we have a right to counter that. I, for one, won’t have the country that I love represented by hatred abroad. Last week, residents of Benghazi, Libya, demonstrated in the streets to show their support for the American people. They realize that perceptions matter, and so they took the time to make sure that we understand that they do not hate us. Where is our response to them? 

I’ve created a blog called We Do Not Hate, made for one purpose alone: to send a message to Muslims around the world that we do not hate them. The blog is simply a collection of photographs of people expressing their rejection of anti-Muslim hatred. No political discussions, no polemics. Just a simple message. My hope is that people – especially Muslim people – who have been hurt in the last week will see these photos and be reassured that they do indeed have friends in America. 

If you support this message, please do three things:

1. Take a photograph of yourself and post it to the blog

2. Share the link to the blog on facebook with your friends and encourage them to share it too

3. If you have friends throughout the Muslim world who would benefit from seeing this, please share it with them [http://we-do-not-hate.tumblr.com/]

The people of Benghazi last week left their work and their leisure to spend time in the streets holding signs. What will you do?
While that video made me incredibly sad, I am quite proud of Mark and his initiative. Will you join us?
If you do post a picture, come share the link in the comments section so we can all see it!

What do you think? I'd love to hear from you!

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