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Howdy, friends. It’s been an exciting week, no? Well, I’m pleased to inform you that things have yet to calm down around here. Tomorrow my blog will switch over to, and I’ll reveal a new theme/look which I’m super excited about!!! I’ll be sending out an email telling you how to resubscribe so we don’t lose touch–stay tuned for that.

For now, let’s pretend that I have midterms next week, am in Vancouver for a wedding this week and for some reason chose October 27th as the day by which WordPress would switch my blog over. Yerrrp. Low expectations, ok?

(Awesome poem and illustration courtesy of Dallas Clayton)

Little Things: Welcome to August

It’s friday! And that means I’m going to take some time to celebrate¬†the small things that made me smile this week with Lindsay at Hello Hue.
This week was filled with summer thunder storms, blueberries, iced tea, and a wedding AND a bridal shower!

Top: Keeping it classy at our friend’s wedding

My sunflowers are blooming!

Middle: Blueberry picking. We may have eaten as many as we picked…

Hanging out at the wedding with one of our favorite Canadian/Indian couples, David and Karen

Bottom: I just love a beautiful wedding

Fun bridal shower for a September Wedding

What about you? What were some things, big or small, that made your week just a little bit more awesome?

The Strange Things We Say

This weekend, we were heading to a super awesome wedding. The Bride and Groom had requested that, due to fragrance allergies, we refrain from perfumes and aftershave. Fair enough.
Me: Crap. I should have brought more deodorant. I’m going to stink like a donkey by the reception.

Varun: Just stay by me. People will assume it’s me ‘cuz I’m Indian. Even though my sweat has no smell.

Me: What’s with that, by the way? How do you have no smell?

Varun: (Grins). You know, you should eat more butter chicken.

Me: Please connect the dots for me.

Varun: That way, your sweat will smell tasty.

{i love my husband}


Speaking of animals, and food, yesterday we were at a friend’s house for supper. Varun was entertaining our 3 year old buddy with animal noises. I was scheming with said 3 year old. We suggested Varun make a rabbit noise. He made two buck teeth with his fingers and chewed noisily. Not bad. We suggested he do a chicken, followed by a chicken’s husband (I thought “rooster” would be a bit confusing for this particular crowd).

To his eternal credit and my undying amusement, Varun deepened his voice an octave, and said, “BOWCK BOWCK BOWCK”, in his manliest chicken voice.

My toddler buddy and I burst out laughing.

Me: Varun, a rooster.

Varun: (insert strange bird-like noise here)

Me: Um. Usually we just say “cockle doodle doo!”

Varun: HA! That sounds like an American rooster.

3 year old: cockle doodle doo! cockle doodle doo!!!! cockle doodle DOO!!!

Varun: Okay, fine who can guess this noise? (very strange noise)


Varun: It’s a peacock.



The other day, I asked Varun his thoughts on whether I blogged about a particular issue.

Varun: Well, I’m not sure how I feel about sharing details of our life with the internet. What do you think about that?

Me: Um, well…(nervous laughter)…I think I’m pretty much pro-that. Um…You’ve read my blog, right?

Michael Scott and I have many things in common, including a lack of filter

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