Little Things::August Already?

I cannot believe we’re into the double digits of August. Where does the time go?! While I try to answer that question, I thought I’d share with you some of the small pleasures that made this week awesome.

New nail polish (I’ve wanted pink toenails all summer)

Homemade brunch with two dear friends from long ago (tears and giggles)

Avocados (I have been on a huge avocado kick)

Sunshine  =D

Hitting Save (finishing the last paper of the summer semester)

What about you? Join me in celebrating the big and small awesomenesses of your week!


Little Things: Welcome to August

It’s friday! And that means I’m going to take some time to celebrate the small things that made me smile this week with Lindsay at Hello Hue.
This week was filled with summer thunder storms, blueberries, iced tea, and a wedding AND a bridal shower!

Top: Keeping it classy at our friend’s wedding

My sunflowers are blooming!

Middle: Blueberry picking. We may have eaten as many as we picked…

Hanging out at the wedding with one of our favorite Canadian/Indian couples, David and Karen

Bottom: I just love a beautiful wedding

Fun bridal shower for a September Wedding

What about you? What were some things, big or small, that made your week just a little bit more awesome?

My Life in Olympics

All of this Olympic excitement is making me nostalgic. Was it already one Olympics ago that we moved to Ontario? Has it seriously been two Winter Olympics since I left home? (Have I really gotten to the age where I measure my life in Olympics?) Okay, while I go dissolve into a puddle of teary recollections, you get to see My Life In Olympics.

Apparently, as a child and teenager, I was not taking pictures of myself to mark the Olympics. Those were the days when watching athletes inspired me to play outside, jump on the trampoline and commit to Ab-Building-Contests in the hopes that one day I might have abs (HA!).

So, we begin with Torino, 2006. I was studying abroad in England and went with friends to see Canadian Men win Ice Hockey. Yes, those were the days when I went with friends to Italy for the weekend.

Why are we so asymmetrical?

The summer Olympics in Bejing, 2008, happened the summer I got engaged, got a Big Kid job and moved out West. I remember watching the games in my hostel, awkwardly making small talk with my roommates. I think these were the Olympics that inspired me to train like an athlete.

That was the summer I ran a 5k. Oh right, that was also the summer I discovered I lived 8 blocks from these cinnamon buns. (One can always begin training for the Olympics tomorrow, right?)

Varun and I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to live in the Olympic city for the Vancouver Olympics, 2010. We were newlyweds struggling to make ends meet in a city far from either of our families. For about six weeks beforehand, the entire city lived and breathed Olympics. We endured long lines at transit terminals, an influx of tourists and constant ridicule about our lack of snow. But we’ll be honest, I think the whole city loved the excitement.

And here we are, London 2012. We live in Ontario, have been married too long to be newlyweds and have barely noticed the Olympics. We’re in that very settled, very busy and social chapter of life. Suddenly, we’re older than the average Olympic athlete. The I Could Do That When I Grow Up window has looong been closed.

Not having a TV and not living or traveling to the Olympic City has seriously affected our Olympic Mania. It’s more of an Awareness at this point. But we are on top of our youtube videos of Olympic highlights. I’m hoping that maybe if I watch this video of the Queen and James Bond enough, the Queen’s athleticism will inspire me to new heights….

Olympics? What Olympics? This is the Summer of Ice Cream.

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